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Welcome to Dopt

Dopt is a component library, SDKs, and APIs for building self-serve product onboarding and education. Our pre-built components and SDKs make it easy to build getting started checklists, tours, contextual tips, and more.

How Dopt works

An introduction to the Dopt basics.

Dopt makes it easy to build experiences like set-up wizards, new user onboarding, feature callouts, tours, and more with none of the complexity of building user state machines in code.

Quick start

Learn how to install Dopt and build your first Dopt-powered experience.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify users to Dopt
  • Design a flow with blocks
  • Install and initialized Dopt in your application
  • Build a Dopt-powered experience using Dopt SDKs


Explore interactive examples and sample code that showcase the types of onboarding and education experiences you can build with Dopt.


Learn about Dopt’s core concepts:

  • Users - users in your application
  • Groups - groups of users, like company or workspace
  • Flows - an end-to-end onboarding or engagement flow users will experience in your product, defined in Dopt
  • Blocks - composable building blocks, like user targeting, components, and logic, to create flows


Learn how to use our pre-built, customizable React components consisting of checklists, tours, modals, and cards to get started quickly. If you're starting with your own UI building blocks, dig into our headless React hooks and Vue composables.

Building with Dopt


Learn how to generate API keys and send customer data to Dopt to get started.

Design your flow

Learn to use the flow canvas to map out your onboarding and education experience and define user and company targeting, components, content, and branching logic.

Analyzing results

Learn how to track, understand, and optimize the performance of your flows with our built-in analytics.


Learn how to test and version flows.

SDKs and APIs

Reference documentation to learn how to use our SDKs and APIs:


Learn how to get customer data into Dopt to power user targeting. Learn how to send Dopt events downstream to product analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel.

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Answers to common questions from our users.

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