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Dopt is an easy-to-use state management layer to power your in-product user flows.

Our visual flow builder enables you to model flows as state machines and our SDKs and APIs let you access and transition individual user states in your flow.

These tools make it easy to build experiences like set-up wizards, new user onboarding, feature callouts, tours, and more with none of the complexity of building user state machines in code.

🎯 What is Dopt?

If you're still trying to figure out what Dopt does, start here.

This introduction provides an overview of the Dopt platform and how it works.

⏱️ Quick start

Jump into Dopt and build your first onboarding experience using our flow builder and SDKs.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to configure Dopt and initialize your API keys
  • How to identify example users to Dopt
  • How to design a new flow with blocks
  • How to integrate your flow into your product using Dopt SDKs

⚡️ Examples

Explore interactive examples that showcase the types of onboarding experiences you can create with Dopt.

Each example includes sample code and helps you learn from a variety of user flows and onboarding patterns.

💡 Concepts

Learn more about Dopt's core concepts including:

📚 Guides

Dig into in-depth guides that help you understand and build with Dopt's core concepts.

These guides cover topics such as:

🚀 SDKs and APIs

Consult Dopt's reference documentation to learn how to use our SDKs, APIs, and third-party integrations: