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What is Dopt?

Dopt is developer infrastructure for product onboarding. Our platform provides tools to design and run user state machines paired with an in-product CMS, enabling engineering and product teams to build faster, collaborate more effectively, and ship better onboarding, education, and engagement flows.

Dopt has two main parts:

  • First, a visual flow builder where you define flows (state machines) which represent your end user’s journey. These flows are composed of connected blocks which encapsulate state, content, and logic for targeting users.
  • Second, SDKs and APIs which you use in your application to fetch and update user state and product content from flows and blocks. When a user enters your application, Dopt will evaluate the targeting conditions and state logic defined in your flows to determine which state and content to return to your application. You can then use the returned data in your product to natively render tailored experiences.

1. Visual flow builder

Our visual flow builder enables everyone on your team to create and manage targeting, flow logic, and content. We make it easy for you to:

2. SDKs and APIs

Our SDKs and APIs are simple and easy to use. Under the hood, we handle the complex backend tasks of storing and updating user state and product content, and we provide elegant client-side abstractions which enable you to:

  • Fetch and update user state from anywhere in your application
  • Build deeply integrated, in-product experiences with your own components
  • Integrate easily with your frontend stack
  • Surface live and up-to-date content defined in your flows

What can I do with Dopt?

You can build any type of onboarding or activation experience!

With Dopt, you can create highly customized experiences ranging from checklists and interactive walkthroughs to in-context feature education. Even more, you can build these experiences directly into your product, its components, and its interaction model so that users can learn through actually working with your product.

Developers can easily access and manipulate flow states per user, while Dopt handles the chores of tracking and maintaining business logic and user state, customer data, and product copy. Our SDK and API layers allow developers to easily integrate with their own in-house components or pull components off-the-shelf to rapidly build new experiences.

Likewise, everyone — including developers and non-developers — can use Dopt’s intuitive flow builder to easily collaborate on iterate on these product experiences. Together, the entire product development team can create, manage, and evaluate user journeys and their underlying logic through Dopt which functions as a central onboarding and education platform.

Dopt simplifies product onboarding for developers, freeing them to focus on building valuable in-product experiences. Our platform handles the complexities of user flow and statement management and allows developers to collaborate seamlessly with their extended product teams to create and deploy stateful, in-product experiences that educate, activate, and retain users.

Sign up for our private beta

Ready to get started with Dopt?

The first step is to sign up for our private beta here for early access.

Then, dive into our Quick start guide which walks through setting up your account and building out your first onboarding experience.

For an extra dose of inspiration, be sure to check out our Examples — a treasure trove of ideas and patterns for creating engaging user journeys.

And finally, you can watch Dopt build in-product onboarding in less than 5 minutes.