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Viewing flow analytics


You can view the number of times a flow has been started, finished, and stopped within a certain time period by navigating to the Analytics tab for a given flow.

All versions

The stats under the All versions heading display the aggregated started, finished, and stopped stats for all versions of the flow for the specified time period.

By version

The table under the By version heading displays the started, finished, and stopped stats broken down for each version of the flow that had activity within the specified time period.

Clicking a flow version will show you a detailed analytics breakdown for that flow version. In addition to flow level metrics, this view also includes block level metrics such as how many users entered and completed a specific block and how many users transitioned along a specific path.

You can also see a list of users who have progressed in the flow version underneath the canvas preview. From here, you can reset an individual user's state in specified flow version.

Select a block on the canvas to reveal a panel that outlines details about the block such as fields for component blocks.

For component blocks that have nested items such as tours and checklists, you can select them on the canvas to show their item break down metrics.

Time period filter

Use the time period menu at the top right of the page to select a time window to filter on.

TodayActivity within the current day
YesterdayActivity within the previous day
Last 7 daysActivity within the previous 7 days
Last 30 daysActivity within the previous 30 days
All timeAll activity

Time periods are relative to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).