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Users are the people using your product.


Groups let you group users together. A group can be a company, workspace, organization, account, project, team or any other grouping that's relevant for you.


A flow represents the end-to-end flow you’d like a particular set of users to experience.


Blocks define targeting and logic of a flow. Flows are composed of blocks connected by paths. States of a block are accessed and updated via API or SDK to build experiences in your product.


Paths determine how blocks are connected to each other and define how users will transition across blocks in a flow.


Fields allow you to store and manage content within the context of a component block. This content can be pulled down via SDK and used in your product experience.


An assistant is the core object backing AI experiences powered by Dopt. An assistant is comprised of AI model configuration and a collection of sources.


Sources define what public websites are crawled or HTML documents that are uploaded to produce documents that will be searched over when an assistant constructs a response.


Documents are produced by sources either when crawling specified public webpages or when HTML is uploaded. Documents are used as material when the assistant returns a response to a query.


Environments enable you to manage your flows throughout your entire development lifecycle, from local development through production.