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Generating API keys

Each environment comes with its own unique users API key and blocks API key. Since environments are specific to a workspace, so are these API keys.

To get your API keys for a given environment, navigate to the Settings page and then click Environments. Select the environment you would like to grab API keys for.

Click the Generate API key button to generate the API key for the specified API. If you don’t see this button, but instead see a Regenerate API key button, that means the API key has already been generated and available.

Once you generate your API keys, we recommend keeping them in a safe place so they can be retreived later.


The users API key is private so we’ll only display it once.

Users API keys are always prefixed with users- and blocks API keys are always prefixed with blocks-.

If you forgot or need to revoke an API key, click the Regenerate API key button and a new API key will be generated for the specified API.


Regenerating an API key will invalidate the previous API key. This action can’t be undone so make sure you are prepared for the previous API key to no longer function.