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Why Dopt

Why onboarding matters

We started Dopt because building great product onboarding and education is too hard. All too often you don’t know where to start, what good looks like, or what will actually drive user success. Onboarding and education are some of the most important moments in the entire user journey because they help connect users with the value that exists in your product, driving user and business success.

Why existing options don't cut it

Yet the existing tools to build onboarding aren't made for developers. Brittle and inflexible no-code tools don't offer enough flexibility. And building in-house is costly with two main challenges: a ton of upfront time spent rediscovering best practices; and a ton of hidden complexity managing user states, updating flows, and analyzing results. It takes too long to ship, you don’t iterate fast enough to learn what works, and it takes time away from new value you could be building.

Why choose Dopt

These challenges led us to build Dopt. Dopt is a platform that enables the entire product development team to work together to ship better experiences across the entire user journey: initial setup, onboarding, feature adoption, engagement, announcements, and more.

With Dopt, you get:

🔀 A visual flow builder lets the whole team map out targeting, components, content, and branching logic to create cohesive in-product user flows.

AI assistants that help you build seamless in-product user assistance that's contextually aware and always up to date.

🛠️ SDKs and APIs make it easy to develop flows and AI assist in your app quickly.

🎛️ Flexibility to build your way — use Dopt’s prebuilt, customizable React components like checklists, tours, modals, and cards that offer best practices out of the box; or use Dopt headlessly in React, Vue, and other web frameworks and build with your own components.

📊 Built-in analytics give you visibility into your users and how your flows are performing to help you determine how you can improve.

🔌 Native integrations with your analytics and data stack let you target the right users and use your own tools to analyze Dopt-powered experiences alongside the rest of your product.

📈 A scalable and secure platform simplifies the team’s workflow and helps you iterate more by making it easy to deploy, migrate, and restore flow versions and letting non-devs update content and logic without code pushes

Dopt makes it easy to ship great onboarding quickly, learn what works, and iterate more often so you build the right thing and your customers realize the value your product has to offer.