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Viewing user flow states

State for an individual user

You can view an individual user's flow state alongside other details such as their associated user properties on the user page.

This is useful for:

  • Verifying that user identification is working correctly and that users have the right attributes
  • Seeing what flows users have started, finished, and stopped, to understand their user experience

State for all users in a flow

You can view all users who have started, finished, or stopped a flow from the flow version analytics page.

This is useful for seeing which users are experiencing your flow in the context of a particular flow version.

Resetting state

You can reset the state for a flow for a user by clicking the reset icon on the right of the flows list on the user page or the users list on the flow version analytics page. Resetting state sets all block states to false.

This is useful for:

  • Testing and debug flows while in development
  • Restarting a user at the beginning of a flow if you'd like them to experience it again

You can also programmatically reset the state of a flow on a user by user basis with the reset flow intent via API or SDK.