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Troubleshooting & FAQs

Unable to target users using group properties

If you are having trouble using group properties in your targeting rule, confirm that you've done the following:

Content security policy (CSP)

If you have a content security policy in place, you may need to add the following in order to allow connections to Dopt:

connect-src https://* wss://*;

Global CSS cannot be imported from within node_modules error when using components with Next.js

  • Next
  • NextJS

When using Dopt UI components with Next.js, you'll need to transpile the component in next.config.js. Learn more in our Next.js components guide →

TypeError: Unknown file extension ".css" error when using components

When using Dopt UI components, you'll need to make sure that your bundler is configured to interpret CSS imports via JS otherwise the component styles will not be loaded and you may run into a build error. Check out our framework specific docs for more info →