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React components

Modal component

The modal component is great for focusing a user’s attention on important information in a dialog interface separate from the rest of the content on the page.


Tour item component

The tour component is a great way to guide your user through new, undiscovered, or updated product features.


Checklist component

The checklist component is a great way to get your users up and running in your product.


Hints component

The hints component is a great way to call attention to UI elements to help users discover new features, provide contextual help, or nudge them towards a good next step.


Card component

The card component is an embedded UI element that is great for announcing updates or give users timely warnings and alerts.

Contextual assistant

Contextual assistant component

The contextual assistant is a component that allows the user to point and select elements on the page and get rich AI-powered information about the selection.

Help hub

Help hub component

The help hub is a component that allows the user to search and ask questions about your product and get rich AI-powered search results and answers.

Rich text

Use our rich text components to render rich text content within your product.


Framework-specific guides on how to use Dopt's React components in Next.js, Remix, webpack, and more.

Styling & theming

Styling and theme Dopt React components so they look and feel like they're part of your product.


Use our flexible theme tokens to easily style components.