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Segment integration

You can set up Dopt as a destination for Segment identify and group calls by using WebHooks as a destination.

Setting up the integration

Step 1: Add webhook destination

Log in to your Segment account, open workspace, and select source. Click on Add Destination and search and select Webhooks.

Step 2: Edit settings

Enter Dopt details under the Settings tabs in your newly created destination, then modify the connection setting and other settings as shown.

Step 3a: Edit connection settings

In Connection Settings:

Enter Webhook URL as:

In Headers, specify the header key as: x-api-key

In the value field, paste the API key you received from

Step 3b: Edit other settings

In the Other SettingsWebhook URL specify the same Dopt Webhook URL:

Step 4: Enable the destination

Enable the destination on Segment and monitor the events being sent from Segment to Dopt.

Once successfully sent you can also verify identified users in Dopt on the users page.

Dopt destination event format expectations

Here’s what Dopt expects from Segment and how we handle exceptions:

Event types

We currently support receiving identify and group events. If you have other types of events (like track) you can filter the events Segment sends us (requires Segment Business). If you send us other types of events you’ll get a server error back. We use userId and groupId from Segment's identify and group specs to map to user identifier and group identifier respectively in Dopt.

Nested traits

Traits can have string, integer, boolean, or null values. Dopt doesn’t accept traits with nested objects as values.

Dopt Users API docs

You can see Dopt's users API docs here: