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What is Dopt?

Dopt is a platform that helps product and engineering teams easily develop fully custom user onboarding and engagement flows. It enables you to more easily build, iterate on, and scale any onboarding experience that you design, helping you discover the best way to onboard, activate, and retain your users.

Dopt has two main parts:

1. Visual flow builder

Dopt’s visual flow builder enables everyone on the team to collaboratively create targeting and flow logic. This makes it easy to define highly targeted rules using real customer data and visually define the overall logic of the flows, such as segmentation, branching, and finishing conditions.

2. APIs and SDKs

Dopt’s APIs and SDKs give you tools to fetch and progress user flow state and provide an abstraction for the targeting and logic defined in the flow builder, enabling you to easily develop complex, fully custom onboarding.

Dopt overview

What does Dopt actually do?

Here’s how it works:

In the visual flow builder, you can define flows which represent your end user’s experience. The flow is composed of connected blocks that define the targeting, logic, and state of the end user’s experience.

In your application, you use the SDK to make a call any time you want to perform an action that gets or updates the state of a flow block for a particular user.

Dopt will evaluate the targeting and logic defined in the visual flow builder to determine the state to return to your application. You can then use that state to develop the onboarding experience in your product by determining what should be shown to which users.

It sounds simple, but developers no longer have to worry about developing, maintaining, or storing customer data, complex targeting rules, or complex business logic. Dopt does all of that for you.

This cleanly separates concerns: Dopt manages customer data and powers flow logic. And developers have a simple and elegant developer experience to access and manipulate flow states per user via Dopt to build onboarding.

This simple premise is the basic building block. This enables developers to build highly custom and targeted onboarding flows that would be nearly impossible or very costly to build without Dopt.

And this enables non-devs to create and see the experiences and their logic across the entire app, acting as one central onboarding platform for the entire product development team.

What can I make with Dopt?

Any type of onboarding or engagement experience!

Since Dopt provides SDKs that you put into your product, you can build any onboarding experience that you can design and develop.

This includes typical onboarding experiences like checklists, interactive walkthroughs, and tailored experiences based on a user’s use case or role. It also means that Dopt offers the opportunity to take your onboarding to the next level by leveraging best practices like building onboarding directly into your product’s interaction model so users onboard by actually using the product.

How far along are you in building Dopt?

Dopt is currently in private beta. You can sign up for the beta here.