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In your Remix project, install the Dopt React component you would like to use with your preferred JavaScript package manager. For example, if installing the modal component:

npm install @dopt/react-modal


If you are leveraging Dopt components headlessly (i.e., using the hooks only), then you can skip this setup step as long as you are using the hooks exports (e.g., @dopt/react-*/hooks). For example, if you are only using the modal component hooks:

import { useModal } from '@dopt/react-modal/hooks';

If you are leveraging Dopt React components as pre-built UI, then you'll need add the Dopt React component package(s) and their dependencies to serverDependenciesToBundle in your Remix configuration. For example, if using the modal component:

/** @type {import('@remix-run/dev').AppConfig} */
module.exports = {
serverDependenciesToBundle: [


Import the Dopt React component and use it as specified in the usage section of each component. For example, if using the modal component:

import Modal, { useModal } from '@dopt/react-modal';

function MyModal() {
const modal = useModal('my-flow.four-pandas-jam');

return (
<Modal.Root active={}>
<Modal.Overlay />
<Modal.DismissIcon onClick={modal.dismiss} />
<Modal.DismissButton onClick={modal.dismiss}>
<Modal.CompleteButton onClick={modal.complete}>