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@dopt/ai-assistant-react / Exports

Dopt AI Assistant React SDK


The Dopt AI Assistant React SDK is a React framework-specific client for accessing Dopt's AI API. This SDK is a thin abstraction on top of @dopt/ai-assistant-javascript and is useful mainly for wrapping asynchronous and streaming javascript functions into meaningful React hooks.

The SDK lives in our open-source monorepo odopt.

It is published to npm as @dopt/ai-assistant-react.


Via npm:

npm install @dopt/ai-assistant-react

Via Yarn:

yarn add @dopt/ai-assistant-react

Via pnpm:

pnpm add @dopt/ai-assistant-react


To configure the Dopt provider you will need:

  1. A AI API key (generated in Dopt)
  2. A user identifier (user being an end-user you've identified to Dopt)



You can initialize Dopt in your app by integrating the <DoptAiProvider /> as follows:

import { DoptAiProvider } from '@dopt/ai-assistant-react';
import Application from './application';

const rootElement = document.getElementById('root');
<DoptAiProvider userId={userId} apiKey={aiApiKey}>
<Application />


A hook for getting complete answers (and citations, if any) from an assistant given a query and / or context. This hook wraps the streaming API into a stateful abstraction which will be updated as more results are streamed from the AI API.

A hook for getting search results (a list of documents) from an assistant given a query and / or context. This hook wraps an async fetch request into a stateful abstraction which will be completed once the documents are returned from the search.

Example usage

Accessing an AI Assistant

Using the useAssistant hook:

import { useAssistant } from '@dopt/ai-assistant-react';
import { Modal } from '@your-company/modal';

export function Application() {
const assistant = useAssistant('dopt-assistant', {

return (
<div className='ai-assistant-content'>
<div className='ai-assistant-documents'>


Looking to provide feedback or report a bug? Open an issue or contact us at


All contributions are welcome! Feel free to open a pull request.