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Dopt uses the concept of environments to enable a software development lifecycle and for logical seperation of data. By default, your workspace comes with two environments: Development and Production.

Development lifecycle

Environments enable you to manage your flows throughout your entire development lifecycle, from local development through production so you can develop and test flows locally with a set of users before exposing the flow to your end users.

Logical data separation

Environments also ensure logical separation of your data. Users created in one environment are never accessible in another. For example, users identified to the Development environment are not be accessible in the Production environment. This enables you to keep your test users, their data, and their flow progress separate from that of your production users.

Environment specific API keys

The API keys you use determines the environment into which you'll be sending data. For example, in your local development you use the Development environment's blocks API key to request blocks from the SDK or blocks API as well as the Development environment's users API key with the users API.

You can find your environment specific API keys in the environment's settings page which can be found at{your-workspace}/environments/staging. Alternatively, you can find the page by clicking the environment menu in the navigation bar and selecting Manage environments.

Visual overview