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A document is content contained by a source that will be used for an assistant's response to a query. Documents are linked to a source either when the source is crawled or when documents are uploaded to a source.

When relevant, an assistant will produce a list of document citations for a given response.


Dopt only processes the text content within documents.


In order for documents to be processed, their text content must be greater than 100 characters long. Otherwise, they will be ignored.


Dopt will process the first 50,000 words of a document's text content (spaces and formatting not included). For individual documents with content longer than this, we recommend splitting them up into smaller pieces.

Updating documents

There may be cases where you may want to update a document. For instance, let's say that you're using your help center as a source. If you added or updated any help articles, you'd also want to make sure that new content was used by the assistant.

To do this, you can crawl the source again so that the new help articles are added as new documents and any updated help articles have their paired documents updated.